Columbia University Masters in Public Health

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Columbia University Master’s in Public Health

The Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health has helped students achieve their career goals in public health since 1922. At Columbia University, students learn about all the major health issues that plague society today and gain the perspective and experience required to become effective managers in the field of public health. The diverse faculty and staff at the Mailman School of Public Health use their expertise to train an equally diverse group of students to become the public health leaders of tomorrow.

Columbia University Master’s in Public Health Program

The Master’s in Public Health at Columbia University is designed to be completed in two years. Students may also select an accelerated option to complete their coursework in one year. The program begins with the completion of a set of core courses and a case-based Integration of Science and Practice (ISP) course. In the second semester, students will complete coursework in their chosen discipline, an additional ISP course and a Leadership and Innovation course. The student’s workload continues through the summer with the practicum program and a second year of certificate coursework. The certificate coursework focuses on one of 25 areas of concentration, including:

  • Health Promotion, Research and Practice
  • Health Policy Analysis
  • Child, Youth and Family Health
  • Environmental Health Policy
  • Toxicology
  • Health of an Aging Society
  • Infectious Diseases Epidemiology
  • History, Ethics and Law

Students who choose to enroll in the accelerated program will complete the program in three sessions. This program is the typical choice for individuals who have earned a doctoral degree, are within 24 months of earning a doctoral degree or have five years of related work or research experience. The program consists of five components, spread throughout the one-year course:

  • Core
  • Integration of Science and Practice
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Practicum
  • Discipline

A certificate specialization is not available in the accelerated program due to time restrictions.

Columbia University Master’s in Public Health Admissions

The Columbia University Master’s in Public Health program is looking for individuals who are interested in becoming leaders in the field of public health. While some individuals have already started careers in health care, other students come from other career paths, including law and business administration. Students who are interested in applying for this program may require up to two years of related work experience prior to admissions.

To apply for this program, students may apply online through the Healthcare Administration, Management & Policy Centralized Application Service (HAMPCAS). This application costs $115 to file. Students are also free to apply directly through Columbia University by:

  • Filling out the online application
  • Obtaining three letters or recommendation from academic or work references
  • Providing GRE test scores
  • Completing the TOEFL English proficiency test for non-native English speakers
  • Writing a 500-word personal statement
  • Submitting an updated resume or curriculum vitae
  • Providing all transcripts from post-secondary education institutions
  • Submitting a 2,000 to 3,000-word writing sample of scientific writing for doctoral students

Columbia University Master’s in Public Health Tuition

Students who are interested in attending Columbia University to pursue the Master’s in Public Health will pay tuition based on the exact program they choose. Individuals who complete the two-year program must pay tuition in the amount of $33,996 per year. Those who enroll in the accelerated program and will attend for just one year pay $45,500 for the full year. Individuals who choose to take additional courses during the summer semester will pay $1.470 per point. Additional fees may be required, including:

  • Student activity fee of $100 per semester
  • Health service fee of $475 for the fall semester and $665 for the spring semester
  • Health insurance for $1,725 for the fall semester and $2,158 for the spring semester
  • Computer fee of $185 per semester

Students are also responsible for books, supplies and living expenses over the course of their program.

Financial aid is available to students who qualify in the form of private and federal student loans, grants, scholarships and fellowships. Some students may also use work-study, graduate research assistantship or teaching assistantship to fund their degree program.